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Music Director Junie B. Jones Jr.
Mission Statement

I strive to guide students of all ages and experience levels toward a deeper understanding of their unique voices in order to promote more confident, efficient, and higher quality singing.

Lesson Options

In-Person Voice Lessons

The tried and true method we all know and love! Schedule an in-person lesson with me to lay the groundwork for efficient vocal technique, to learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the voice, and to build your overall confidence as a singer and performer.

I am happy to provide voice lessons for any singer no matter their age, experience level, or goals.

Let’s work together to help you grow and achieve a deeper understanding of your unique voice!

Virtual Voice Lessons

Voice lessons have never been more accessible! I am proud to offer virtual lessons through Zoom. Now you can continue your growth as a singer from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be.

Virtual lessons are just as effective as meeting in person and are sometimes more convenient when our schedules do not allow for a face-to-face meeting. Check out Zoom to learn how it works and to sign up for an account!


Prices are the same regardless of whether your lesson is in person or virtual. Prices vary according to lesson length. They are as follows:

30 Minutes - $18.00

45 Minutes - $27.00

1 Hour - $36.00

I accept payments in the form of cash, check, or Venmo.

Ellen Headshot.jpg
Ellen Crumbaugh

"I began working with Josiah nearly a year ago on Junie B. Jones the Musical Jr. I was nervous to begin rehearsing for my first ever lead role, but Josiah made me feel comfortable from the start. We hit it off immediately and I knew I wanted to continue training with him. Since then I have learned so much and gained a lot of confidence by doing voice lessons. I am developing new techniques such as "spooky voice", speech-driven singing, and working on smooth transitions from thick to thin vocal folds. I am so thankful to have Josiah help prepare me for upcoming auditions.  He is just a blast to work with!"

Studio Resources & Media
Ursula: The Musical - Arielle Conrad, Riley Davis, and Company

Arielle Conrad, Riley Davis, and the Company of Ursula: The Musical

perform under the musical direction of Josiah Howlett

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