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Where's Witless? (Pt. 3)

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Hey there! (LOL) It’s always so awkward trying to start one of these, but here we go:

This past week, Sage and I stayed in South Lake Tahoe, CA. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with South Lake Tahoe at all (mostly because I’m not sure who you are as you’re reading this), but it is a stunningly gorgeous place. I don’t know how we got so lucky, you guys. This tour just keeps getting more and more beautiful as the weeks go by!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Before we were met with the beauty of South Lake Tahoe, we stopped in Yosemite National Park to take in the equally mind-blowing scenery there. Sage is an avid hiker. I mean girlfriend hikes almost every morning before I even wake up. It’s honestly amazing. So, naturally, she wanted to do a hike while we were at Yosemite. Mentally, I was totally down; but my body had other ideas. You see, this was just a day after I had been home in Kentucky where the elevation is 791 feet. The elevation at Lembert Dome where we were hiking is around 9,000 feet. Now, I am not the most athletic or physically active person, but I totally expected to be able to do this hike. How hard could some walking be? I could not have been more wrong. We got about a half-mile into this hike, and I had to tap out. My legs felt like jelly and I essentially swallowed an entire water bottle in one gulp. The effects of elevation are NO JOKE, people. I told Sage I would happily sit in the truck while she did another hike because I didn’t want to ruin her experience. But, we ended up driving through the park and looking at a few more scenic locations. Here are some pictures from our visit:

After that, we went on to check into our housing in South Lake Tahoe. We stayed at the Tahoe Valley Lodge, which was easily one of the best parts of our week. I feel like the word “quaint” has a negative connotation sometimes, but I think it perfectly describes the lodge, and I absolutely mean that as a compliment. Each room is charmingly decorated with cabin-themed décor, which works perfectly with the building’s construction. Here are a few pictures:

What I loved most about the lodge is that I was able to hook my Xbox up to the TV in my room, which made it feel even more like home. It was great to have Netflix and a few video games to play during my downtime.

In addition to doing the show this week, we had a few workshops we did with kids in the South Lake Tahoe community. Now, for those of you who don’t know, every organization that brings us in has the option of doing a handful of workshops at no additional cost. In South Lake Tahoe, we only did two. In one of the workshops we do, I play an Australian explorer who’s going on an adventure. Well, that was super interesting this week, as I had to perform the part in front of a real life, genuine Australian man who worked with the kids for which we did the workshop. I think having him in the audience made me a little nervous, and my Australian accent was not as spot on as it normally is. At the end of the workshop, he asked the kids, “Did Jungle Jos have a funny accent? Wasn’t it really bad?” I was laughing so hard. He was a great sport about it and even put on his terrible American accent for us as we left.

Later in the week, Sage and I were craving a sweet treat and asked the cast where we could go to get the best ice cream. We decided to take their suggestion and pay a visit to Camp Richardson’s Ice Cream Parlor. After our performances, we hopped in our #LittleRedTruck (now affectionately named Crystal Light) to go get some ice cream. I was so excited for this excursion that I couldn’t even wait to get out of my Witless costume. So, the general public of South Lake Tahoe got to meet Witless the Woodsman. I definitely got a ton of funny looks, but I didn’t care because I had a milkshake by the end of the outing!

Since we only had performances on Friday this week, we got to take a day off on Saturday. So, we took advantage of our time off by visiting the beach and exploring the town. Originally we planned on going to the beach at Emerald Bay, a picturesque section of Lake Tahoe with beautiful blue water surrounded by a forest. However, once we arrived at Emerald Bay, parking was a nightmare and the closest we could get to the beach was way up a mountain. I wore flip-flops because I thought we were going to the beach, so I was absolutely unprepared for a mountain hike. So, we ended up driving back into town and going to more accessible, flip-flop-friendly beaches. After swimming for a bit, we stopped at a cute little restaurant called Sprouts Café for some smoothies. That evening, we went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant called My Thai. I was super basic and ordered some orange chicken, but I’m so glad I did. It was delicious and the presentation was beautiful.

South Lake Tahoe was the perfect place to be during the first week back from my week off. It was seriously stunning and the weather was perfect (except, of course, for the intense hailstorm that happened immediately after we got home from eating Thai food). We were sad to go, but excited to see what our next week had in store. Thanks for reading! See you next week (ish)!



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